Thursday, 11 September 2014

Prelim: Questionnaire


1)      What kind of colour scheme would you like?

A: Clear and consistent colours.

A: Nice bright colours

A: Stick with the school colours.

2)      What kind of articles would you like?

A: Something about reading, we are trying to get the pupils to read for pleasure. Also current affairs, not just CBA news, but news from Corby and everywhere else.

A: Student success stories.

A: The school senate, GCSE results.

3)      Would you rather have real writers, or students writing the columns and articles?

A: I think it would be good to have student articles, it gets them more involved and may get the other students to read it.

4)      Should the front cover be professional/ formal or informal to show its run by the students?

A: A more formal looking cover looks smarter and represents the school better, but you don’t want it to look so serious that it intimidates readers.

A: Yeah definitely student articles.

5)      What kind of images should be in it?

A:Images relating to the topic of the article or page, no celebrity photos, photos of students and the school.

6)      What general content should be included?

A: general student work, showing the good aspects of students work like art or a good story.

A: Student, a page to show and celebrate students good work.

7)      Informal or formal content?

A: A bit of both, maybe towards the back have a more informal section.

A: Formal, but not so much that you bore the students.

A: Formal, it’s a senior school. Not a primary school.

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