Friday, 5 September 2014

Prelim: My Magazine Preliminary

I believe it takes a number of things in order to make an appealing and successful school magazine. Firstly the cover should be smart, and in some way be promoting the school. For example if there are two students on the front their uniform should be exactly to the school code. Top buttons done up, ties by the top button, shirt tucked in and the real uniform. After all they are representing the school and you want to send off the positive message.

Also the cover as-well as the inside of the magazine should be bright, colourful and eye catching, but staying smart and simple at the same time. You don’t want a magazine that is black and white or very dull colours, you want one with vibrant, bright colours so it catches your eye and has a more positive look about it. And on the front cover should be relatable headlines that students or parents can relate too and will be interested in, for example the other magazines I have read have relatable articles and story headlines on the cover. For example “GCSE Stress” and “DECREASE your workload” so for students who read this, in this case GCSE students, they can relate to this and will want to pick up the magazine and read this article. Also the word decrease was in big capital red letters because it was the command word of the article and it was supposed to catch your eye, and it really works.

I also think it would be a good idea to have interviews in the magazine, with teachers and students. This is a good idea because people will read this and hear first-hand what the school like because they are the ones who experience it every day and I’m sure people would be interested to see what people really think of the school.

 Names for my school magazine:

·         CBA Today

·         CBA Piper

·         The Academy View
As-well as coming up with ideas for a name I also thought of some articles or features I would like to include in my magazine. Like I previously mentioned, I would like to include interviews with teachers and students, they are the people who experience life in the school first-hand every-day and it would be interesting to see what they have to say about the school. There would also be a lot of interesting questions to ask the head teacher, Mr Henrys. I would also like to have an achievements page, I believe the hard workers in the school who do not get the credit they deserve or the recognition should be featured on this page as role models to others, also it is a good promotion for the school for when people read it. This kind of ties in with the interview idea, but I would like to create a page were we ask students and teachers a specific question each week/month and get there answer and put it in the paper, like a question to do with the school or current affairs, something that has been in the news recently. And another thing I thought would be a good idea is to have a “Peoples page” where people good ask the magazine editors to put an post/article in the magazine for them, this page is for anyone in the school and it can include anything. A good piece of artwork, a good story, a joke or a problem they have within the school.

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