Thursday, 25 September 2014

Research: Magazine genres

Rock Music:
Rock music has been popular for many years and still goes strong today, some may argue that though. But it it no doubt that rock magazines are still swept of shelves religiously each week. The most appealing thing about a rock magazine is all of the genre’s and sub genre’s, you can get so many different bands, cultures and content in a rock magazine due to its wide and varied content. But with my music magazine I would like to concentrate one a specific type of rock music, particularly 70’s and 80’s rock. This is because it makes it easier to create a target audience.

The target audience for my Rock magazine:
Age: 16-50
Race: White
Gender: Male + Female
Hobbies: Interested in music, uses social networking and electronic devices. (I-pad, I-phone, Laptops etc)

  • Lots of content to use.
  • Can appeal to a wide range of people.

  • Restricted to a certain time in music.
  • Many of these bands not around anymore.
  • Could be recycled news due to bands retiring and getting old.

Pop music:
Pop music is like rock, in the sense that there are many different types of pop music. Many different artists could be classed as pop. Pop was originally big in 50’s America and it was an abbreviation for ‘popular music’ but like i said, it now has many sub genres like synth-pop, rock-pop and many more. This could be a good thing though because of how it can relate to many different sub genres and artists it may appeal to more people, but again you should try and stick to one genre / sub-genre so you can create a specific target market.

  • Pop still popular, limitless new news.
  • Appeals to a wide audience.
  • Many artists to choose from.

  • Target audience will be very limited e.g girls, teenage.
  • Many other pop magazines being published.
  • Tough, competitive market.

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