Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Prelim: Preliminary work, reasoning, explanation and evaluation.

For my preliminary work i created two pages for the school magazine. The front cover and the contents page. I used all of my own ideas and content. The images I used I took myself, I went around the school grounds inside and out taking them and I had permission to take photos of the content and people in the photos.

In order to create the magazine I conducted questionnaires and asked people what makes a good school magazine. We asked multiple teachers what content they would like inside, would they like the questions to be conducted by students, what colour scheme would they like and just general content. I also asked fellow students what they would like inside, after all they are the people who are most likely to read it along with parents. Also I'm trying to keep it readable for all ages, keep it smart and simple but still appealing. Obviously the quality of the photos and the work will be better in the real project, because this is just the preliminary work to show how much i have improved and what I have learned.

I believe that the preliminary work I have completed is a very good starting point to base my real work off and I am looking forward to expanding my ideas and using new software to create my school magazine.

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