Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Planning: Target Audience

Detailed target audience
My rock magazine will appeal to a very wide category of people from ages 16 to about 50. This is because the classic rock content can stretch back to the 70’s to modern day so there will be a wide range of people that the magazine will appeal to. And in this blog post I am going to create an ideal reader of the magazine to show who I am trying to market this product to.

Name: Darren
Age: 29
Race: White
Socio-demographic: C1
Gender: Male

This is Darren, he is 29 years old and enjoys classic rock music. Darren lives in a one bedroom flat in Sheffield with his dog Terry. He listens to rock bands like  KISS, Aerosmith and Motley Crue and has seen many classic rock acts like Def Leppard in their prime back in the 80’s so he has grown up from birth listening to this kind of classic rock music. This type of music also effects the way he dresses, leather jackets, ripped black skinny jeans and leather boots. Also when he was younger he had long black hair like the bands he idolized and still idolizes. He works a 9-5 job, working in a call centre and rock music is his escape from the boring reality of work. He has an AC-DC live photo pinned in his work cubicle and a Megadeth cd in his car stereo. Darren also likes to keep up with technology buying things like I-Pads, I-phones e.t.c. He is also a keen TV and movie fan and watches at least one movie a day when he gets home from work. His claim to fame is that he watched the entire breaking bad series in one day. Darren also enjoys fast food like McDonalds, Chinese and Burger King and has various empty food dishes from these restaurants lying around his flat. HE is very loud, outspoken and says what he thinks, this can often lead to fall-outs with friends or drunken fights in bars. He also enjoys socializing with his friends like going out for a drink, going to gigs or going bowling and playing snooker.

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