Monday, 13 October 2014

Planning: Magazine names + Fonts

Magazine names
  • The Grind
  • GR!T
  • Pyromania

These are the three magazine names I have created, but I must narrow it down to one. The name I have chosen for my magazine is “The Grind”, I have chosen this because I believe it matches with the dark, gritty, hard rock theme I am going for.

Fonts for the masthead:
The grind 
Font: Caravel

The Grind
Font: Metamorphous

The Grind 
Font: Pure Evil II

All the fonts I have chosen have a gothic look about them with the arches and sharp edges. I have chosen these fonts because they match with the hard classic rock theme I am applying to my magazine. But I am yet to narrow it down to one font. Fonts are very important because they can really sum up what your magazine is about, many good fonts can cost about £5000 to use or download.

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