Thursday, 20 November 2014

Planning: Front cover update IV

Today I carried on with my front cover, I was planning on finishing it today but as I looked over it again I noticed that a couple of things needed changed because a lot of the things on the cover started to look repetitive and crammed together. I noticed my main headline (for the double page spread) was smaller than the other headings which wasn't right, to when I made it bigger it didn't look right and everything was quite tight. So I got rid of the other big headings and replaced them with smaller ones which in the end turned out better because there was more space for everything to breathe and generally looked better. The small changes definitely make a difference. Im expecting to finish it by tomorrow. I also started my double page spread today and only have about 400 words left to do, I am planning to start my contents page on Monday also. And this weekend I am going to take some more photos, one for my secondary image on my front cover, some for the contents page and some for the double page spread.

Here is my cover so far:

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